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Plant Medicine with Sari Starr

July 20, 2021 Tabytha Polaris Episode 61
The Tabytha Polaris Show
Plant Medicine with Sari Starr
Show Notes

Episode 61: On today's show Sari Starr shares her knowledge on how to improve your health and expand your consciousness with plant medicine and fungi medicine. We learn about her new book Let The Magic Be Your Guide From Micro To Hero, her Celestial Smokes organic hemp herbal blend cigarettes and her plant medicine ceremony mentoring.

Based on the Big Island of Hawaii after seven years in Los Angeles, Canadian Native Sari Starr is a quantum creatrix, Plant-Medicine alchemist, author, ceremonialist, integration mentor, and founder of Celestial Smokes, Cannabliss Retreats and Creative Agency Redefining plant medicine. Sari Starr has over twenty years of training in human potential, including her 200-hour yoga teacher training, Levels 1 & 2 certification in Reiki, and completion of Dr. Joe Dispenza's advance training retreat. She has studied and sat in ceremony with Shamanic Wisdom Keepers from all over the planet, and is currently an initiate with the lineage of the 13 Moon Oracle Mystery School. As a result of her deep journey into the Mysteries of the Universe, Sari offers Soul Purpose Mentorship to help people reach enlightened states of awareness using these tools, trainings, and plants as her allies and guides. Sari teaches people how to integrate plant medicine and fungi medicine so they can be used as as a tool for higher states of consciousness.

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Tabytha Polaris is a singing light warrior, Psychic Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, creator of high frequency Music and Guided Meditations. As the host of the Tabytha Polaris Show podcast she interviews light workers and holistic health healers to assist in spiritual ascension and living a more holistic life. She is the owner of Hands In Harmony Holistic Spa and offers Reiki Energy, Sound Meditations, Essential Oil Raindrop Therapeutic Massage and Infrared Sauna Sessions. Her mission is to expand consciousness, raise the frequency of the planet and fill your hearts with joy.

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