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Mindfulness and Productivity with Dr. Brooke Smith

July 08, 2021 Tabytha Polaris / Dr. Brooke Smith Episode 59
The Tabytha Polaris Show
Mindfulness and Productivity with Dr. Brooke Smith
Show Notes

Episode 59: On today's show Dr. Brooke Smith shares her wisdom about how we can be more productive and abundance using mindfulness.

Brooke Smith, Ph.D. is a Business Operations Consultant and Mindfulness Expert. In her prior career, she managed the operational excellence program at a $1B/year company and trained hundreds of people to create streamlined, customer-delighting business processes.

She has been featured in over a dozen media outlets including Forbes, Fast Company, InStyle Magazine, Thrive Global, and Parade Magazine.  She has a Ph.D., MBA, and certifications in yoga instruction, therapeutic yoga, life coaching, wellness coaching, lean six sigma, and project management.  She has finished three trail ultramarathons, including one of the toughest 100k races on the east coast.

Brooke lives with her artist husband and two cats in Rochester, NY, where you can find them mountain biking on the local trails, playing board games, and eating curry tempeh tacos.

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