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The Power of Breathwork with Benedict Beaumont

April 13, 2021 Tabytha Polaris / Benedict Beaumont Episode 49
The Tabytha Polaris Show
The Power of Breathwork with Benedict Beaumont
Show Notes

E49: On today's show Benedict Beaumont a powerful Breathwork facilitator teaches us the power of Breathwork, what it is, how to do it, why it's transformational, the benefits of conscious breath work, how it's different from other disciplines, the history, how it can transform our lives and even guides us through a short demonstration and I share my experience.

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Benedict is a Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and founder of the Breathing Space. He is passionate about bringing Breathwork out to the world, especially those who wouldn't normally have access to it. Benedict runs transformational workshops and life-changing retreats internationally. It is his mission is to train as many people as possible in the power of Breathwork to spread the spark of transformation.

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Tabytha Polaris is a singing light warrior, Psychic Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, creator of high frequency Music and Guided Meditations. As the host of the Tabytha Polaris Show podcast she interviews light workers and holistic health healers to assist in spiritual ascension. She is the owner of Hands In Harmony Holistic Spa and offers Reiki Energy, Sound Healing, Essential Oil Raindrop Therapeutic Massage and Infrared Sauna Sessions. Her mission is to expand consciousness, raise the frequency of the planet and fill your hearts with joy.

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