The Tabytha Polaris Show

The Energetics of Awakening The Inner Goddess with Melonie Kolton

February 16, 2021 Tabytha Polaris / Melonie Kolton Episode 42
The Tabytha Polaris Show
The Energetics of Awakening The Inner Goddess with Melonie Kolton
Show Notes

Episode 42:  On todays show Melonie Kolton helps us align to our intuition and awaken our inner goddess. We discuss spiritual expansion, awakening to your divine soul path, how to deepen your relationship with source energy, how to become more aware of your spiritual intuitive gifts, self love, self care, sexuality,  kundalini, connecting to the divine feminine, intuition vs ego, finding alignment and all about her Soulfilled Sanctuary program.

Melonie Kolton is a highly sought after Spiritual Expansion & Integration Mentor.
She helps guide women into their full empowered self, awakening their divine soul path, through connection &  awareness of their Spiritual gifts and relationship with Source Energy.
Healing the path to Soulfilled remembrance with various trauma-informed healing modalities and techniques. Creating flow, alignment, to receive your hearts desires in abundance.
Light the fire, fuel the flame, rise Goddess rise! Melonie believes that when you are one within yourself, you are one will all.

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Tabytha Polaris is a singing light warrior and creator of high frequency music and channeled meditations. As the host of the Tabytha Polaris Show podcast she interviews light workers and holistic health healers to assist in your spiritual ascension. She is the owner of Hands In Harmony Holistic Spa and offers Reiki Energy, Sound Healing, Essential Oil Raindrop Therapeutic Massage and Infrared Sauna Sessions. Her mission is to expand consciousness, raise the frequency of the planet and fill your hearts with joy. 

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Credits: Intro and Outro Music Rav Vast Drum, Vocals written and performed by Tabytha Polaris, Didgeridoo performed by Adam Hakim.  Podcast produced by Hands In Harmony Inc.,

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